Banner 9 installation in the production environment was completed successfully in late October.  Designated functional power users are now piloting and testing the system and working with our enterprise resource planning software provider, Ellucian, to address pending items surfaced during testing.  Access is expected to be expanded to all eligible users via the MyPace Portal in late November or early December, at which point access to Banner 8 will be removed.  There will be a separate communication to announce the specific cutover date.


As a reminder, below are some highlights of new and improved features:
  • New user interface and improved navigation and accessibility
  • New administrative pages and reports
    • Provide a consistent look and feel across Banner
    • Enhanced navigation for a seamless experience
  • Eliminate Oracle Forms and Oracle Reports
  • Eliminate the need for a Java client on your computer
  • End dependency on Internet Explorer and allow for full browser support (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, MS Edge)

If you’d like to follow the progress for this project, please visit our Banner 9 website.