Captioning your videos provides content and information for the Pace community and beyond, including learners who are deaf and hearing impaired, learners who do not speak English natively, and when audio quality (noise, volume, clarity, etc.) is a factor. Studies also show that students learn more when information is presented through multiple modalities, including text, audio, and video.

How can I add Captioning to my videos?
Captioning requests require uploading the video into Kaltura first and then creating a Help Desk ticket.


  • Go to and log in with your MyPace credentials
  • Set the request type to Information Technology > Blackboard > Captioning Request
  • Include the desired turnaround time inside of the Request Details


Tips For ADA Compliance:


  • If you are only using an audio lecture, provide a text transcript
  • If you are using video with audio, provide synchronized closed captions and video descriptions


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