Spam and phishing emails periodically end up in your mailbox. These types of messages try to disguise themselves as authentic emails, by spoofing “From” addresses from people we know or known companies.


They ask you to send them personal informational because something might be wrong with your account, such as exceeded storage or insufficient information. Some messages might also ask you to help various causes by donating money or sending banking information.


It is important that you DO NOT respond to the request in the email. In addition, for any suspicious email messages, DO NOT click on any of the links, attachments, or respond with any type of personal information such as a username or password.


How do I keep from falling victim to a spam message?
To keep your information safe, never share your account information and/or passwords with anyone. Legitimate sources such as ITS or Pace University will never ask for your personal information through email. Delete the email message from your Inbox and then permanently remove it from your Deleted Items folder.


What do I do if I have accidentally responded to a spam or phishing message?
If you accidentally responded to a suspicious email, you should immediately contact the ITS Help Desk and report the incident.