Welcome to the new academic year! We continue to use Starfish as a way to connect you with your Instructors, Advisors and Student Support Services and communicate important information to you about your progress in classes and connect you to resources for assistance.  Your Instructors can use Starfish to share both concerns (Flag) and praise (Kudos) related to your academic performance.


The great part is that you receive this information directly through your Pace email. If you do receive an email alerting you to a concern from an Instructor, please be sure to follow up with that Instructor immediately for discussion and support.  Please be sure to pay careful attention to any emails you receive from starfish@pace.edu as they are alerting you to important and time sensitive information, often requiring your immediate action.


As a Pace student, you can also log in to Starfish directly at starfish.pace.edu to:

  1. Use the My Success Network option to view your Advisor as well as your current Instructors and access their contact information.  My Success Network also lets you view availability of your Advisor for appointments and Office Hours for your Instructors if they are using the Starfish calendar feature.
  2. Use the Services tab to explore some of the support services Pace offers and confirm contact information and locations.
  3. Use the Raise Your Hand feature to ask for help – in a class or something outside of a class.  Remember, we’re here to help you!
Questions or Want a Demo? Contact our Pace Starfish Team:
  • Jermain Smith (jsmith@pace.edu), or
  • Jennifer Talbot (jtalbot@pace.edu)
Access Starfish directly http://starfish.pace.edu.