There are many ways to continue teaching or make up missing class time when you can’t be there in person due to planned absences (e.g., conferences) or last-minute (e.g., bad weather, illness) situations. You can engage with your students synchronously (i.e., in real-time) with web conferences, or asynchronously (i.e., student self-paced study) through methods such as posting videos, readings and discussion questions.  Links to detailed instructions and tutorials are available from your Blackboard, “My Resource Page” tab or you can go directly to to learn about:

  • Planning for a Future Absence – Things you can do when you have lots of lead time before your absence.
  • Dealing with an Unexpected Absence – Things you can do at the last-minute to engage students

For help with any of these options, please reach out to Academic Technology (,

914-773-3664) or John Blackwell (, 914-923-2506).