ITS is pleased to announce two exciting updates for Pharos Printing System users!

New Pharos Mobile Print Option

Students now have 3 new ways to print to Pharos from their mobile device!  They can send print jobs via email, web browser, or the new iOS or Android apps.  When using any of these methods, the document(s) will be placed in the student’s account queue and can be printed by logging into any Pharos printer on campus.

The new printing methods work as follows:

  1. From your Pace Email Account – Compose a new email, attach the file(s) to be printed, and send the email to one of the email addresses below:
  1. From a Web Browser * – Go to, log in with your MyPace Portal account and upload your document(s).  Note: While logged in, you can also view your printing activity.
  1.   From the Pharos Print App * – Download the Pharos Print app for iOS and Android from your mobile app store.

* Note: For the Web Browser or Pharos Print App methods to work, the device must be connected to the Pace network via PACE-WIFI, Ethernet, or VPN.

To learn more about using these new Mobile Print features and how to set up the Pharos Print app, please review this article.

Users will still be able to print from the computer labs and library printers as before, as well as by using the Pharos Print Client, available from the website.

Pharos Price Reduction

The spring semester got off to a great start with lower pricing for student printing!  Due to a recent software update implementation, students now get a price discount when printing two or more pages double-sided (duplex setting). Students are charged a discounted amount for the second printed side on each sheet of paper when printing on both sides.  The new reduced pricing will allow students to stretch their printing allotment during the semester.

The table below explains the new printing charges for both black and white, and color printouts.

Windows computers generally default Pharos print jobs to the double-sided (duplex) setting, so users do not need to do anything else.  For Mac OS users. the new Print Client for Mac OS is configured for double-sided (duplex) printing by default.  Mac OS users should download and install this new client in order to take advantage of duplex pricing.  There is no need to uninstall the previous version of the client as it will be overwritten.


  1. When printing one-sided (simplex setting), the cost will remain at 6 cents per page
  2. When copying, the default setting will remain single-sided at 6 cents per page
  3. When scanning, the cost will remain at 2 cents per scan