We are proud of the work and improvements completed by each of our ITS teams on a regular basis.  Below are some examples of their continued efforts.

  • The Administrative Computing Services team worked with Human Resources to upgrade the YES I Make It Happen application.  The upgraded application now allows users to nominate part-time and full-time faculty, along with staff and student employees.
  • The Client Support team worked with Technical Services to implement single sign-on for Adobe Creative Cloud 2019 allowing it to be supported on about 200 lab computers within the University.  By the end of summer 2019, the team also successfully migrated 70% of the University’s workstations from Windows 7 to Windows 10.
  • The Data Analytics & Reporting team worked with Human Resources and Web Services to update the Data Warehouse webpage content on the MyPace Portal.  The site now contains additional information and links to help staff and faculty from each of the University’s schools and departments with their data analysis needs.  Changes include more tools, documentation, policies, video and written tutorials, as well as instructions for submitting requests via the ITS Help Desk.  The Data Warehouse page is also available from the MyPace Portal’s Staff tab by clicking the “Data Warehouse” link.
  • The Educational Media team updates technology in all supported classrooms on a yearly basis. During the academic year, the team assesses current technologies in classrooms and how faculty and students are utilizing those technologies.  Using a four-year equipment replacement life cycle model and designated funding from the Student Technology Fee, they identify a select number of classrooms each year to be upgraded. The upgrades range from an install of a projector and computer to a complete classroom redesign. This past summer, Educational Media completed infrastructure upgrades on all campuses, which included more than 80 classrooms, video conference rooms, and event spaces.
  • This summer, Network Services worked with our Internet bandwidth provider to install new wide area network (WAN) circuits between the Pleasantville and New York City campuses.  The additional circuits will increase connection redundancy, which should help mitigate potential service disruptions in the future.  In addition, the team has performed a number of equipment and software upgrades that aim to maintain a robust network for the Pace community.
  • Earlier this summer, Technical Services implemented Microsoft Teams as part of the recent Office 365 rollout.  MS Teams is a unified communications platform that combines persistent workplace chat, video meetings, file storage, and application integration.  They also worked with the College of Health Professions (CHP) to successfully upgrade their Simbridge server used for lab simulations.
  • In June, Telecommunications successfully migrated all administrative phones at 140 William Street to a new circuit, which improved overall service stability.  They also upgraded the firmware to all Cisco administrative phones University-wide in August.  More recently, they worked with the Office of Student Assistance and Financial Aid to redesign and implement a new phone tree structure for their call centers.
  • In August, the Web Services team successfully completed additional improvements to the design of the MyPace Mobile app and announced that the upgraded version was ready and available via the Apple and Android app stores.  The newly-updated version provides and enhanced user experience.  Separately, the team also worked with the Pace Law School to migrate their web server and update the Drupal code for the Law.Pace.Edu website.

If you have any questions about any of the projects and/or updates mentioned above, please email us at pacehelpdesk@pace.edu.  We will redirect your inquiry to the appropriate area for follow-up.