Some faculty had questions about Blackboard Ultra, its implementation, and its differences with Blackboard Original. To address these questions, we have put together a brief FAQ.

Q: What is Ultra Base Navigation (UBN)?
A: Recently, Pace adopted the Blackboard Ultra base navigation dashboard, evidenced by the new landing page (called the Institution Page) where you access your courses, organizations, messages and so on. The new Institution Page replaced the My Resource Page, that was used last year. So, everyone at Pace is now using UBN.

Q: How do I know if I am teaching using the Blackboard Ultra course view or the Original course view?
A: Even though the new Ultra Institution Page is displayed after logging in, by default, all courses are still created in the Original course view. Other than some color changes, the Original course view is similar to what has been used for the past many years. If you did not work with Academic Technology to convert your courses to the Ultra course view, then you are still using the Original course view.

Q: Who is using the Ultra course view?
A: Less than fifty instructors have piloted their courses using the Ultra course view. Again, if you did not work specifically with the Office of Academic Technology to convert your course, then you are using the Original course view. 

Q: Do I have to use the Ultra course view, and if so, when?
A: Originally, a date was set for all courses to be created in the Ultra course view. However, many faculty who have piloted the Ultra course view have expressed their preference to teach their courses using the Blackboard Original course view.  The Academic Technology team takes faculty feedback seriously, so all Winter 2020 and Spring 2020 courses will be created in the Original course view by default. Updates about any move away from the Original course view will be sent so that everyone has enough warning if/when it comes time to transition.

Q: Can I use the Ultra course view now?
A: Yes, Instructors still wishing to take the plunge into Blackboard Ultra are welcome to have their courses previewed in the Ultra course view and then converted, which can be done by contacting us at