During winter break, the Educational Media team upgraded the classroom technology in Willcox Hall’s Pecker Lecture Hall. The new upgrade includes a user-friendly touch panel, new ceiling microphones designed to capture clearer recordings, AirMedia for wireless presenting of content, and AirBoard to capture and digitize whiteboard content. The converted written or drawn content can then be displayed on any video screen or viewed remotely in any web browser.  Airboard also automatically saves a snapshot of each change as you draw, and produces a complete slide deck of session content, which can be viewed on the projector.  Students can also join the session on their laptops or download the content to view later!

If you would like to see a demonstration, please email Educational Media at

Krueger International (, in collaboration with Pace University’s Facilities & Capital Projects and Information Technology Services, has installed a sample classroom at 1 Pace Plaza, Room E332.  The purpose of this program is to incorporate different seating styles and gain tangible, measurable feedback from both students and faculty as to how the furniture impacts teaching and learning styles.  The classroom showcase will be available for viewing throughout the spring semester and surveys will be distributed digitally to students and faculty to gather valuable feedback.