ITS worked closely with Human Resources and Finance to improve the account creation and maintenance processes. To strengthen security and ensure appropriate system access is provided to student employees, all Pace student employees are now given a separate student employee account to facilitate access to Pace work-related systems. This alternate staff account enables easier administrative system access review and termination. The students’ staff accounts will follow the same format as regular staff/faculty accounts (e.g.: (Note: This means that these new employee accounts will also have to be activated similar to any new accounts created.)

As of March 6th, 2017, all newly-hired student employees were automatically assigned a staff account for work purposes. Once created, the account will appear in the Pace University White Pages ( within 24 hours. Any subsequent system access requests (submitted via a Help Desk ticket) will be granted to that staff account.

Please note: In order to satisfy audit compliance requirements and ensure that only appropriate access is being granted, hiring supervisors/managers may need to submit a new request to grant specified access to a student’s new staff account or perform periodic audits of their student employee access requirements.