We are proud of the work and improvements completed by each of our ITS teams on a regular basis.  Much of their work happens behind the scenes and may not always make it to the list below, but it is critical nonetheless and helps to keep systems and services running smoothly.  Below are some recent examples of their continued efforts.

  • The Administrative Computing Services team completed several weekly updates to the Banner system and related applications.
  • The Client Support team has so far upgraded 88% of the University’s Windows computers from Windows 7 to Windows 10, and is on track to complete the remaining 12% by the end of this year.  In the meantime, they have applied remote updates for the remaining Windows 7 machines to maintain compliance with Microsoft support protocols.
  • The Educational Media team completed equipment upgrades to the David Pecker Lecture Hall in Willcox Hall, Pleasantville.
  • The Information Security team worked with Technical Services and User Services teams to implement multifactor authentication (MFA) on additional University systems and to successfully enroll staff and faculty so they can continue to access these systems.
  • The Network Services team performed a number of equipment and software upgrades, including updating controllers, access points, switches and related firmware at several campus locations in New York City and Westchester. They also upgraded switches and routers at the data center location.
  • The Technical Services team updated the Citrix environment (https://virtuallab.pace.edu) and installed a number of monthly security updates and patches to all other servers.  In addition, they upgraded the VMware environment and the account provisioning system.
  • The Telecommunications team upgraded the firmware for all Cisco administrative phones University-wide.
  • The Web Services team completed PHP, CSS, and other code upgrades, as well as template changes to add more functionality to the University’s homepage (www.pace.edu) and school websites.  They also worked with Enrollment Management to deploy a new site called https://go.pace.edu and worked with the Pace Law School on a web server migration and code update for the https://law.pace.edu website.