Pace students who need to print, copy, or scan documents and other course materials enjoy the convenience of having multiple locations and printer options available to them.  The University has equipped various campus locations with the Pharos Student Printing solution to meet the students’ different needs.  For example, they can send print jobs to the system in a variety of ways and retrieve them from any available printer within 3 hours.  They can also walk up to any printer and make copies or scan documents or pictures.  Main Pharos locations include the ITS computer labs and campus libraries.  These locations offer both black and white, and color printing options.

  • In NYC (1 Pace Plaza), printers are stationed in the Tech Zone (W202) and Birnbaum Library (1st floor).
  • In PLV, printers are available in the Willcox Hall Computer Lab (W25) and Mortola Library.
  • Additional black and white printers are located throughout other campus locations.

Print jobs can be sent to the Pharos system in several different ways.  In the labs and libraries, the computers are already configured with these printers, so all you need to do is select the printer option based on whether you’re printing black and white or color.  You can also print via one of the following mobile print methods:

  • Download and install the Pharos Print Client to your laptop (Windows or Mac).
  • Send an email to the Pharos system via your Pace email address and attach your document(s).
    • For black & white printing, send to:
    • For color printing, send to:
  • Log in to the website with your MyPace account and upload your document(s).
  • Download the Pharos Print app for iOS or Android from your mobile app store and complete the one-time setup.

When using any of these methods, the document(s) will be placed in your Pharos account queue and can be printed by logging in to any Pharos printer on campus.

For a full list of locations and more details about costs and options for printing, copying and scanning, please visit:  You can also find this information by searching our IT knowledge base at:

For any other questions, please contact the ITS Help Desk by phone: 914-773-3333; online:; or email: