When are courses available in Classes?

Courses in Classes are made available to instructors 90 days prior to the official start date. Therefore, Summer I courses are now available to instructors in Classes. Summer II courses will become available in mid-April. Student enrollments will be seen in the classlist starting 30 days prior to the start date. Students gain access to the course on the start date, unless the instructor makes it available up to 30 days earlier. See “Getting Started with Classes” on our Classes FAQ page for directions on how to make a course available to students earlier than the official start date.

Classes Office Hours

Due to high demand, we will continue to offer our departmental “Classes Office Hours” sessions multiple times a week. These sessions, held on Zoom, are the perfect opportunity for faculty to speak with our team live to address your questions and issues. In addition to standard Office Hours sessions where all questions are welcome, we are also providing topic-specific sessions where we focus on one particular feature of Classes; our current area of focus is the Grades area. To see a list of upcoming events and register, please visit our departmental Events page at www.pace.edu/atevents.